Transcending the Victim

When I say no, the earth shakes
and the waters rise.
My no slides off my tongue like a piercing blade.
My body is relaxed.
My heart is open.
My mind is clear.
When I say no, 
you tremble and listen, 
for you know my immensity is my weapon, 
my compassion is my spear, 
and my sincerity, 
a gift to be cherished.
I don’t want to hurt you,
I want to teach you
that the unconscious things you do 
create more pain, 
more grief, 
more terror.
Fuck no.
I forgive you.
Fuck no.
Learn from it.
Fuck no.
Take it and digest it.
Let it shape you, transform you, 
guide you to your highest self.
Listen to my no, 
so generously given, 
and become a better person.
My no is an offering
to your inner child,
the little boy so neglected and shamed, 
never taught it was ok to feel, 
to connect deeply, 
to ask before taking.
My no is also an offering
to your divinity.
I recognize your soul.
The goodness that is lying
beneath the grip of your conditioning.
I say no to awaken your depth.
I say no to serve you on your path, 
and to protect me on mine.
I say no because I have to.
It is what the Universe is requiring.
There are times when I couldn’t say no.
I was never taught how.
Just like you were never taught to listen.
I forgive you now.
But because I am working on my no,
to overcome my paralysis,
and reclaim my voice,
so you must work on your capacity to listen, 
to feel,
to connect.
Only then can we both transcend the patterns that have shaped us.
Only then can we all be truly liberated.

poem by nina lombardo