Freedom is an open window,
a breath unconfined
by past
or future,
a movement arising 
in response to what is now,
not what was then
or what is yet to be.
Freedom is in union with all,
in rhythm with the pulse of Life,
liberated from reaction, 
unlimited by the habits of Self.
Freedom is expansive,
Full and Wide.
It is not You nor I,
nor Identity,
so direly clung to
in the search for meaning.
Freedom lies beyond the need to speak,
but not beyond speaking.
It is the glue,
that holds all our separate pieces
No longer grasping 
for something 
that isn’t.
Moving in-tempo to 
the evolving symphony 
Waking up to know 
the gift of waking.
And loving.
Without bounds.

poem by nina lombardo