Living as Openness

What does it take to be fully present as love with another human being?

It actually requires very little.

We create stories around why we can’t love. We close our hearts because of past wounds. We create too many expectations for the future.

But the truth is, right now in this present moment, you are alive as love.

To open as love with another human being, all you have to do is remember the essence of who you are, who they are. Everything else is just a story, a narrative we convince ourselves to believe in order to keep our hearts protected.

Sometimes we need to protect our hearts. Yet many of us keep our hearts closed and protected long after the perceived threat is gone. We play it safe, wading in the shallows because we are afraid to feel hurt.

But love isn’t safe. It rips us open. It exposes our souls. It requires us to surrender to the complete Unknown. We can only truly open as love once we are willing to embrace the depths of pain that come with loving deeply—the truth of inevitable loss, of death.

To be present as love with another human requires us to open to all—all the hurt, all the pain, all the joy, all the bliss. We cannot experience the full spectrum of our humanness by keeping a part of ourselves closed. Nor can we ever know Union with another by keeping a part of our hearts protected. In every moment we have a choice to open as love. What are you choosing now... and now... and now?

Artwork by Dominoe Farris