Your body is the temple of your greatest wisdom,

and the deepest love you’ve ever imagined already exists within you.


Hello, dear one.

My name is Nina, and I am here to help you remember the love that you are.

Our time together is carefully designed to guide you into intimate connection with your body, sexuality, creativity, intuition, and power, so that you can show up fully and openly in all facets of your life.

With my unparalleled support, learn to access and liberate the innate wisdom of your body and transform self-limiting patterns into deeper states of clarity, ecstasy, and freedom.

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My approach is somatic, meaning, of the body.

Your body does not lie. Your every word, every motion, every action and every reaction are reflections of your internal state of being. Wherever you carry tension, or feel like you’re holding on, a deeper inquiry awaits:

What is it you’re holding on to? And what will happen if you let go?

It is in this inquiry where we meet—the threshold of your next initiation, the gateway to your next spiritual unfoldment.

Love is your birthright; it is the essence of your Divine Feminine energy and the catalyst to your deepest spiritual longings. Love is what you are made of.

For love to flow freely through your body, you must be fluid like water. Perhaps the conditions of modern society have hardened you, but your soft Feminine heart still yearns to surrender into ecstasy…

I’m here to guide you to the edges of what you previously thought possible, and provide you with effective practices to surrender, trust, and soften beyond fear, beyond tension, and into the deepest Love you’ve ever known.

Nina Lombardo Sand Dunes 2

I bow to you.

Thank you for trusting me to walk alongside you. I approach our time together with the utmost reverence and respect.


You are a living oracle.

Your body is always speaking to you, illuminating the path towards your highest potential.

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Through our work together, explore how to…

  • Access the full spectrum of your Feminine power

  • Unlock the oracular wisdom of your body

  • Turn everyday, mundane experiences into expressions of your deepest artistry

  • Embody the full range of your oceanic depths without hesitation

  • Enhance your capacity to experience transformative pleasure and connection—alone or with a partner

  • Attract and maintain deeply nourishing and soul-satisfying sexual relationships

  • Experience the ecstasy of devotional surrender in intimacy

  • Explore your darkness as a wellspring of unlocked creative potential

  • Bring to light unconscious patterns and behaviors that limit your capacity to love

  • Establish a daily spiritual practice that grounds and enlivens you

  • Cultivate and refine your creativity

  • Express your authentic voice with confidence and ease

  • Integrate Feminine leadership styles into your work life

  • Celebrate your radiant aliveness with unapologetic self-expression

  • Create personalized self-care rituals that nourish and energize you

To practice devotion is to practice living fully, embracing every moment as an opportunity to connect more deeply with the radiant aliveness of your being. copy 2.png

Curious if this is for you?

I’d love to learn more about you before we discuss the possibility of working together. After I receive your application, I will send you an email to schedule a free call with me during which we can get to know one another and explore how my work may serve you.

If you have questions in the meantime, please contact me.


Mentorship Programs

I offer two types of mentorship programs: a 3-month Introductory program and a 6-month Deep Dive program.

If you are unsure of what program is best for you, not a problem. After I receive your application I will send you an email to set up a free connection call with me so we can explore your needs together.

Introductory Mentorship

3 Months

(6) 90-minute sessions // 2 sessions per month


Deep Dive Mentorship

6 Months

(18) 90-minute sessions // 3 sessions per month


What does the mentorship include?

  • All sessions are scheduled via Zoom or in-person depending on location.

  • Curated exercises designed uniquely for you, to practice at home in-between sessions

  • 24/7 email and text support, responses within 48 hours.

  • Two 15-minute emergency calls per month.

  • Guided embodiment practices, meditations, and messages sent via audio, video, and email.

  • Payment plans are available.


What to Expect During Your Sessions

Each session is designed specifically for your unique needs and capacities, and whatever emerges within the session is quite often spontaneous i.e. dependent upon what is intuitively required in each moment for your deepest blossoming. Some tools we are likely to integrate into your session are:


Feminine Embodiment

Movement practices, breathing techniques, role-play, dance, vocal expression, and yogic exercises intended to awaken your power, decondition any habitual patterns stored in the body, unlock the potential of your creative and sexual expression, and connect you to your deepest source of love and wisdom.


Personalized guidance designed to support you in your fullness in all aspects of life, with a primary focus on: embodied awakening, love and relationships, sexuality, spiritual practice, creative pursuits, personal growth, and feminine leadership.

Bodywork and Energy-work

(In-person only) Bodywork assists in clearing energetic blockages in the body, releasing physical/emotional patterns and unlocking unresolved traumas. The bodywork integrated within these sessions can be very deep and intimate, and is intended to invite deeper levels of surrender, trust, pleasure, and relaxation into your body.

Guided Meditation

Deepens your experience of the moment, relaxes your body-mind, and allows your inner clarity and wisdom to come forth.  

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I am honored to take this journey with you.

Please contact me for questions.

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