Sacred Theater // Embodying a New Narrative

Sacred Theater gives us an opportunity to bring to the forefront any parts of ourselves that we yearn to express, yet are afraid to reveal in our day-to-day lives and relationships. Through the art of performance, we can learn to embody the gifts of our being that have laid dormant beneath our fears - enabling us to break through any old, unwanted patterns of behavior and to live in deeper alignment with the most authentic version of our selves.

The evening will focus specifically on accessing the source of our feminine power, so we can learn to embody and reveal the elements of HER that we have suppressed in fear of being TOO MUCH or NOT ENOUGH - too emotional, too sexual, too crazy... not sweet enough, not sexy enough, not strong enough, etc. It is time to end these harmful narratives by re-writing our own stories of enough-ness, through the art of performance and sacred ritual. We are coming together in this container to hold each other as witnesses as we deepen in our capacities to embody the fullness that we inherently know we are.

The evening will consist of an opening circle, guided feminine yogic practices and rituals, sacred theater performances, and a closing circle. 

Each woman will have an opportunity to give a 3-minute long performance. Come prepared to play at your edges -- the fertile, delicate place where the deepest transformations occur.

Bring snacks, water, a blanket or cushion, and wear something comfortable that makes you feel RADIANT ♥