Shakti Embodied with Nina Lombardo

Monthly series in Gainesville, FL

january - May 2018

This Feminine yogic practice is designed specifically for the attunement of your sexual body—the focus being to awaken to, and gain direct access to, the innate force of divine pleasure that emanates from your center channel. In this class we work with breath, sound, meditation, and movement, both individually and interpersonally, to acquire the tools to cultivate and express sexual/creative energy (Shakti) through the body, developing a deeper relationship to the embodied Self and the ecstatic nature of your Being.

Each month we will be building upon what we learned in the last class. Beginners welcome any time.

This class is for you if you are ready to…

  • Express the fullness of your sexual energy.

  • Articulate the richness of your emotional depths.

  • Cultivate and refine your creative capacities.

  • Deepen your engagement with everyday life.

  • Embody the fullness of love that you inherently know you are.

  • Bring a new, awakened sense of intimacy and connection to your sexual relationships.

  • Make more empowered and conscious choices about the partners you attract into your life.

  • Understand the power of polarity in your sexual dynamics.


January 18 - February 22 - March 22 - April 25 - May 24


7:00 - 9:00 PM


Aurora Healing Arts

109 SE 4th Ave. Gainesville, FL 32601



"Consider all the pain and all the pleasure
You have ever experienced
As waves on a very deep ocean which you are.

From the depths, witness those waves,
Rolling along so bravely, always changing,
Beautiful in their self-sustaining power.

Marvel that once, you identified with
Only the surface of the ocean.
Now embrace the waves, depths, undersea mountains,
Out to the farthest shore."

-The Radiance Sutras