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Shakti Embodied: The Feminine Path of Liberation

A Yoga Workshop for Women

"Shakti" is a Sanskrit term to describe the primordial life-force energy that fuels creation and all perceptual manifestations arising within the cosmos. In Hinduism, Shakti is often personified as a goddess, the essence of the Divine Feminine and the force of love-energy that gives breath to all of existence. 

When fully liberated within our bodies, Shakti expresses itself/herself as complete creative and erotic Feminine power. A woman who has gained access to her own innate Shakti and has learned to express it freely through her body, often displays a high degree of magnetic depth, power, and confidence, as she allows this energy to fuel her in all aspects of life - creative, emotional, sexual, and spiritual.

This workshop is centered around accessing, cultivating, and articulating this powerful Shakti energy through our bodies, so we can live more liberated and empowered lives in full connection to our bodies' innate wisdom and our own creative, erotic, and emotional depths.

After an opening circle and discussion, we will dive into practices involving meditation, breath-work, sound, and movement, all centered around opening our bodies to the source of love-energy that emanates from our spine.

This practice is for you if you are ready to...

  • Embody more love

  • Increase your energy and engagement with everyday life

  • Develop deeper intimacy with your erotic and sensual nature.

  • Enhance your capacity to experience transformative pleasure and connection.

  • Articulate the richness of your emotional depths

  • Cultivate and refine your creative capacities

  • Understand the power of polarity in your sexual dynamics

Although Shakti can be expressed through any body, this class is specifically designed for those who identify as women.

Please bring water and wear comfortable clothing.