Devotion is the practice of living as love.

Way of Devotion was born from the heart of its founder, Nina Lombardo, as a platform for sharing tools, insights, and practices to help women connect more deeply with their erotic essence as a gateway to deeper love and liberation.

Through workshops, classes, and one-on-one sessions, Nina provides women with somatic-based tools to embody more love and rewrite new narratives of empowerment, intimacy, and sexuality


Feminine Power


Sexual Embodiment


Sacred Practice


Ecstatic Love

Way of Devotion is for the soulful, creative woman committed to loving deeply, living fully, and leading with embodied clarity.

Through our work together, learn to…

Unlock the oracular wisdom of your body

Express the full range of your oceanic depths without hesitation

Turn everyday, mundane experiences into expressions of your deepest artistry

Attract a partner who meets you at a soul level

Access transformative levels of love and pleasure in your body

Communicate from a place of depth and authenticity

Cultivate a daily spiritual practice that grounds and enlivens you

Deepen passion and connection in your current intimate relationship(s)

Soften into the timeless expanse of your soul’s deepest yearnings

Are you ready to dive in?

dearest sister…

arrive in the moment, as you are
naked in the truth of your being,
alive as the great mystery
of breath, body, and spirit,
infinitely emerging into now
as the manifestation of you.
without hesitation
become as big as you know yourself to be,
expanding into the endless love of your existence,
so infinitely deep and wide.
rest here.
and allow your next movement to arise from this place,
the temple of your deepest wisdom,
every gesture a reflection of your love's depth,
the origination of all-that-is.
the only way home is through the heart.
let us go there.
you know the way.