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Exploring the delicate landscapes where body meets infinity...

Nina Lombardo is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Somatic Educator, Women’s Mentor, and Artist who weaves together her background in yoga, sacred sexuality, and the expressive and healing arts to create immersive experiences designed to liberate and nurture profound states of embodied clarity.

Nina has spent the past ten years dedicated to helping women re-connect with the wisdom and power of their bodies. Through workshops, retreats, and private mentoring, she provides women with somatic-based tools to embody more love and rewrite new narratives of empowerment, intimacy, and sexuality. As the Founder and Director of Amrita Institute, an organization devoted to reviving the Feminine Spiritual Experience through curated programs and events, Nina inspires others to remember the divinity of embodiment and the sacredness of the mundane.

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My Story

My deepest realizations in life have come to me in dreams.

Soulful connections with strangers from other lifetimes; ecstatic orgasms blasting me through time and space; my soul merging with the fabric of existence; my identity dismantling into a million particles of Love. In dreams I was able to attain such unbound states of clarity and liberation—states I was very far from experiencing in my waking life.

As I would awaken I'd be reminded of my limitations, my anxiety, my depression, and my fear. I felt small, worthless, and uncomfortable in my skin. Sexual trauma, addiction, and chronic illness consumed me. I was unable to connect intimately with others, I was disconnected from my inherent sense of love and worth, and I perpetually made decisions that were harmful to myself and others. The gap between my dream self and my waking self was so huge, it felt as if I was living two different lives.

Then when I was 18 years old, I woke up from a particularly bliss-filled dream and the vibrations of my dream experience were still pulsing through my body as I rolled out of bed and started my day. For the first time since I could remember, I felt pleasure, love, and contentment in my body. This simple experience led to a spontaneously profound realization—that I am capable of embodying ecstasy in the waking world. It became clear to me that the confident, empowered, and pleasure-filled Wild Woman who I was in my dreams was a very real part of me yearning to be birthed in the manifest realm.

I began immersing myself in various spiritual and embodiment practices to re-integrate this fragmented part of myself back into wholeness. It started with Hatha and Kundalini yoga. Then, discovering my creativity through music and songwriting. At the age of 19 I was drawn to the world of Holistic Healthcare after witnessing my then-boyfriend battle cancer in the soulless allopathic medical system. After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in Philosophy, I travelled to South America to learn indigenous healing modalities and connect with the power of the natural world.

It was during this time, living in community with witches and shamans in the Andean highlands, that I cultivated my intuitive gifts and expanded my skills as a group facilitator. I practiced yoga every morning and night, tended the land, and participated in many medicine ceremonies and community rituals. Here I was trained in the energetic healing practice of Reiki, and was formally initiated into the esoteric arts as a bruja, or witch. Upon returning to the States, I began leading women’s ceremonies and became immersed in the study of western herbalism and southern folk medicine. Then in 2013, I quit my job as a school teacher to start school for massage therapy at the renowned Florida School of Massage.

My journey into bodywork and the healing arts unearthed my deep interest in somatic therapies and trauma healing. I started dancing as a tool for cultivating presence and connection, with a special interest in the post-modern dance form Contact Improvisation. I devoted myself to the practice and art of Thai Yoga Massage while apprenticing with my teacher, Ariela Grodner, eventually traveling to Thailand to further my studies at the Sunshine School. Later, I co-developed a new bodywork modality, integrating the ancient practice of Thai Massage with the energetic modality of Polarity Therapy. I built a private massage practice, Samadhi Healing Arts, and began teaching classes and workshops, developing myself as a teacher, therapist, and guide.

When I started addressing the root of my own sexual trauma, my interest in the transformative power of sex and intimacy started peaking. I knew my path was leading me to explore these realms more intricately, but I did not yet know how it would unfold. Serendipitously, in early 2017 I started working with spiritual intimacy teacher and author David Deida, assisting in workshops and private sessions and co-facilitating the women’s groups. I continue to work alongside Deida today, and my current practice is directly influenced by his teachings and philosophies.

Through my ever-deepening explorations in the fields of intimacy and embodiment, I have begun living what I believe to be my deepest purpose in this life—to love, whole-bodily and without limitation; to surrender to truth in every moment; and to serve other women on their way of devotion.

Nina Lombardo pigeon pose

Thank You

I want to express gratitude to the following humans who, by way of being in the world, have deeply influenced my course of life and how I show up as a teacher, healer, artist, lover, and friend:

David Deida

Ariela Grodner

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Mary Rockwood Lane

Lisa Page

Dr. Vasant Lad 

ALisa Starkweather

Murshida VA

Paul Linn

Signe Ramstrom

Nina Lombardo with frame drum